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Here's what people are saying about Hone

"If only I'd had this..."

USA Today

"This small Bluetooth 4 dongle pairs automatically with your iPhone [...] so you can spend less time looking and more time doing."


"As a find-anything-device, Hone is not only tapping into the accessibility market, it could track many small objects of value to anyone around the house--like those important storage keys you only use twice a year, or maybe that one container hiding your social security card and passport."

Mark Wilson, Fast Company Co.DESIGN

"Bluetooth 4 is proving to be quite a lot more than just an incremental spec bump to the wireless protocol. Thanks to its super low power needs, Bluetooth 4 is finding all sorts of clever uses. Example: Hone."

Charlie Sorrel, Cult Of Mac

"There’s nothing quite as frustrating as getting ready to leave the house in the morning and not being able to find your keys. This is usually more likely to happen on a day when you’re already running late or you overslept and can’t see straight, or your kids are missing a shoe or a glove or their school bags. It’s one of those moments of parenting hell that we’ve all endured. Lucky for all of us, the days of searching the house for our keys are soon to disappear thanks to the folks behind Hone."

Nicole Wakelin, Wired GeekMom

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