About Us

Young Geoff and Louis

Hone is made by Louis Gerbarg and Geoff Litwack. We met as ten-year-olds at karate and sealed our friendship at the Nintendo Power World Championships (Louis made the semi-finals). Now we make hardware and software for mobile devices.

In January of 2012, Louis resolved to do something about his chronic inability to find his keys when he was walking out the door. So he hacked up an iPhone app and prototyped a circuit board with a Bluetooth low energy chip, which he then wrapped in duct tape and put on his keychain. From there, we improved the design and put up a Kickstarter project. It turned out lots of people were sick of losing their keys and we were fully funded with the help of 1,132 backers and the Hive76 hackerspace in Philadelphia. 

Now Hone is in regular production! The hardware is designed to be easy for anyone to use and open to developers and hackers. We assemble them in America and ship worldwide.

If you'd like to contact Geoff directly, you can use the support tab or email [email protected]